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Quality shoes and accessories in London

At Merrifield's, we understand that everyone's feet are different.

At Merrifield's we provide a friendly and complete bespoke shoemaking service. Robert Merrifield our shoemaker has been trained in all areas of craftsmanship including last making, upper making and design. Ensuring you receive an expert personal service .

With over 30 years of experience, we offer a quality range of custom-made shoes that are made to your specific requirements.

  • Over 40 measurements will be taken of your foot to ensure your shoes will be of unrivalled comfort.
  • Only the best quality materials are used. Your bespoke footwear will be repairable and could last decades and still remain comfortable and smart.
  • Subsequent pairs will be available at a discount as we will already have your last.
  • You will be involved in the production of your shoes at every stage from design to choosing leathers and of course in fittings.

As always we will give you honest, caring and professional advice.

Our quality range of products include:

  • Custom-made shoes and boots
  • Orthopaedic footwear
  • Bags and belts
  • Foot orthotics
We also specialise in
shoe repairs
Shoes - London - Merrifield's - Footwear
Shoes - London - Merrifield's - Footwear
For a quality range of shoes and accessories, call us now on   
020 8693 1611
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